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The Pomposa Residence is part of the Po Delta Tourism circuit: for information and booking of excursions, especially inside the Po Delta Park and the Lidi di Comacchio, you can contact us directly!
Take a look and discover in advance which are the wonderful excursions that are expecting you.
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Historical sites and cities of art

We are fortunate to be located near major art cities, all of which are steeped in history and culture, such as Comacchio, Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice.
Beautiful and fascinating cities just waiting to be discovered. Ravenna is the kingdom of mosaics, also home to the tomb of the supreme poet Dante Alighieri, Ferrara is a city whose streets retrace the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, while Venice is known worldwide for its timeless beauty and its iconic landmarks, the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square.
The town of Comacchio, located very close to our residence, is also not to be missed, a true gem of a town on the lagoon. Another place worth visiting is Pomposa Abbey, located in the municipality of Codigoro, in the province of Ferrara, one of the most important religious sites in Italy.
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Excursions by boat

The boat is a unique and special way to explore the Comacchio Valleys, home to flamingos and ancient traditions linked to water, salt and eel fishing.
A boat trip will allow you to follow the main courses of the river, from the delta to the sea.

Excursions by boat:

  • Boat trip in the Comacchio Valleys, with guide, to observe water birds and the beauty of nature
  • A mini-cruise to the Isola dell'Amore, a strip of land among the most beautiful beaches in Italy, a stop and fish lunch aboard the boat
  • A journey into the Silence of the Mouth of the Po: journey on a small boat through the reeds of the Mouth of the Po.
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Excursions on horseback

Splendid animals, the horses guide you through the mouths of the Po on evocative excursions full of nature. You can take a ride on Camargue Delta white horses, animals with a gentle and tame temperament, and discover all of the most beautiful places in the Po Delta.
The trip takes place with a qualified guide, departing from Lido delle Nazioni.
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Excursions on foot

An excursion on foot will allow you to discover, in a close and slow way, the entire natural heritage of the Po Delta Park. Among water and land, salt marshes, pinewoods and swamps there are many itineraries to get to know and explore, such as the Finestra dei Fenicotteri, the Flamingo Window.
Together with a guide, you can discover this exclusive site, starting from the Manifattura dei Marinati visitors' centre in Comacchio.

Excursions by bicycle

If cycling is your passion, then choose this means of transport to cross the Po Delta Park, a natural area of superb charm. The nature comes with villages, towns, and places of ancient maritime traditions.
The bicycle excursions:

  • Cycling at the old Comacchio saltworks: a 7 km long route that, with a guide, will take you to explore the Comacchio saltworks, starting from Stazione Foce.
  • Two wheels in the woods: guided itinerary inside the Bosco della Mesola Nature Reserve, an unspoilt and very unique spot.

Amusement parks

We have an agreement with Mirabilandia amusement park, the largest and most entertaining amusement park in Italy. The perfect destination for a day of pure family fun!
Note that you can buy the tickets directly at our property.
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